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The livescore on this website is fast, accurate and updated in real time. With over 1000+ leagues and cups, you can be sure that we have your favorite sport covered. And besides providing all the information and stats you need.

The platform provides real-time soccer livescore and schedule for mobile users mainly in Indonesia. You can find soccer livescore and results for more than 1000+ leagues, and also cups and tournaments. The professional team also offers match predictions, team standings, H2H statistics and other match information.

Soccer is just as exciting as it is popular all around the world. Now on, you can enjoy it on a higher level and follow your favorite team live! Since it provides strong statistics for more than 1000+ leagues, cups, and tournaments to choose from, so there’s always something exciting going on at home or out of town! Match predictions are available too, so you can get an idea of what’s happening next. All matches are automatically updated on this platform so that we never miss a moment.

Sit back relax with your favorite drink while following the live game of your favorite team!



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